Strengthening Systems Sustainably

About us

Who we are ?

zeGOgroup is an independent for-profit consultancy group, founded by four senior and highly skilled development professionals.

Coming from very different backgrounds, we met through our work as technical support providers to recipients of funding from the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. This shared experience, and our complementary skills and values, led us to develop a new approach to technical support aimed at organizations looking for sustainable success.

Our approach is equally valid for public and private sector development projects, and our interventions are based on co-creation of effective solutions alongside our clients. We intend to move away from the traditional model of technical support to a fully client-driven process where recipient organizations are not only actors but also decision-makers.

We are also committed to facilitating effective partnerships between recipient organizations and appropriate internal or external funding sources.

We work with a large network of experienced international consultants, as well as partner organizations...

Our vision

We are convinced that the sustainability of any development project depends on technical support which is long-term, systemic, integrated and client-driven.

This radically different approach aims to place decision-making and responsibility for results squarely in the hands of recipient organizations.

zeGOgroup is fully accountable to our clients for our own results, and it is they who assess the quality, effectiveness and impact of our interventions.

Our relationships with our clients naturally reflect this difference, as our technical support contributes directly to their ownership of the projects they design and implement, a vital element in the process of achieving sustainable change.

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