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Why zeGOgroup ?

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For decades, technical assistance has been delivered on a "push" basis, supply-driven, "one size fits all", with little regard for the client's unique context, culture and ambitions. The divide between experts and implementers is often vast, while interventions are narrowly focused, ad hoc, or purely crisis management. Capacity building is far from guaranteed, and lasting results are rare.

Our experience has taught us that the sustainability of any development project depends on technical support, which is long-term, systemic, integrated and client-driven.

Our prime focus is therefore on the client. We help our clients first carry out needs analysis, then evaluate and source technical and strategic assistance providers. Where necessary, we also assist clients to mobilize resources to finance interventions. Our network of international experts and partners are on call to help our clients achieve lasting results.

Shake off the shackles...

We help our clients break free of costly dependence on outside expertise, by building their own internal planning, organization, management and implementation capacity.

More than just technical experts, we are mentor-coaches and results catalysts, working side by side with our clients to co-create solutions, explore possibilities, and turn intention to action.

We put our clients in the driving seat, in charge of their own objectives, strategies and results.

Get results, reliably

We also believe that knowledge sharing and capitalization of experience is key to successful and sustainable development.

We not only help our clients define and achieve specific goals and targets but also provide simple yet powerful tools for tracking and evaluating progress, communication and strategic information sharing, such as dashboards, systematic feedback sessions, training of trainers, themed fora, team-coaching...

We aim to help our clients significantly improve not only their production quality and performance, but also more effectively face the challenges of an ever-changing environment and the severest financial crisis in living memory.

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