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Getting away from its crisis, the Global Fund has approved a new funding mechanism

Saturday, December 01st 2012

At the twenty-eighth board meeting mid-November 2012, the Global Fund has approved to change its way of funding countries’ programs against AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. This will take time to be fully operational: a transitional and testing period is scheduled in 2013 for selected countries, hopefully giving priority to the underfunded programs. In 2014, the new funding mechanism (NFM) should have been tested and ready to be implemented.

One could complain about the length of the delivery process, but it is complex, taking into account so many stakeholders’ points of view; hence, zeGOgroup is welcoming this new way of serving the countries in need for two sets of reasons:

  1. Some linked to the revival of the Global Fund founding principles:
  1. Others due to lessons learned after 10 years of existence:

However, it could happen that recipient’ countries set aside their own civil societies and by the way their most at risk populations. The indicative funding could also be a double edged sword allowing governments to cover their own funding needs and letting their NGOs unfunded or putting them so low on their funding priorities that money will never reach them.

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